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Q. Do I have to report a fatality caused by a heart attack at work?

A. Yes, your local OSHA Area Office director will decide whether to investigate the incident, depending on the circumstances of the heart attack.

Q. Do I have to report a fatality or hospitalization that occurs long after the incident?

A. No, you must only report each fatality or multiple hospitalization incident that occurs within thirty (30) days of an incident.

Q. What if I don't learn about an incident right away?

A. If you do not learn of a reportable incident at the time it occurs and the incident would otherwise be reportable, you must make the report within eight (8) hours of the time the incident is reported to you.

Reporting Fatalities and Multiple Hospitalization Incidents to OSHA

Basic Requirement:
Within eight (8) hours after the death of any employee from a work-related incident or the in-patient hospitalization of three or more employees as a result of a work-related incident, you must orally report the fatality/multiple hospitalization by telephone or in person to the Area Office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Department of Labor, that is nearest to the site of the incident. You may also use the OSHA toll-free central telephone number, 1-800-321-OSHA (1-800-321-6742).